Round 12 – Buy, Sell and Cheapie of the Week

Buy of the week – Ben Trbojevic

With Kelma (slug) Tulagi out with a facial fracture for 6 weeks Burbo becomes hugely relevant as a basement price second rower available in the ctr position for fantasy and plays rd13, not a lot of slam dunks like this come around often. BUY

Sell of the week – James Tedesco

Those of us unfortunate enough to have gotten on teddy when he “bottomed out” haven’t seen the annual rise from the ashes that he usually does after dropping a large amount of cash. The roosters look out of it this year and with origin and the byes coming up and cheapies outperforming the once gun its time to say bon voyage to teddy for probably the rest of the year as he doesn’t look like the must have he used to be.

Cheapie of the week – Karl Oloapu

At 269k and a 25avg playing off the bench oloapu has shown enough to earn the starting spot in this bulldogs side and could show everyone this weekend why he’s been so highly touted when they face a titans team that is leaking on average 20pts per game, he also boasts a 41pt average across 8 games in reserve grade when playing 80mins and getting 200kms on average.

POD captain of the week – David Fifita

Having not scored under 60 since round 5 and having a last three average of 72, Difi comes up against a lowly bulldogs side the day before the QLD origin team is announced and could look to put on a monster performance to impress selectors one last time.

Gamble of the week – Harrison Edwards

Seaming to have deputised at lock for the doggies for the time being and a breakeven well into the negatives his current ppm of around 40pts in 60mins should be enough to get the 100-150k to make a worthwhile trade but with the doggies chopping and changing their pack each game there’s minutes in fluctuation, Gamble Gamble.

Intern Austin

*note: the gamble of the week is NOT endorsed by Amateurs Management.


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