Round 11 – Buy, Sell and Cheapie of the Week

Buy of the week- Hudson young

After a slow start to the season Hudson dropped some cash and is now sitting in the high 600’s with a breakeven in the low 40s, A last three average of 58 and last 5 average of 53 having just finished his bye and playing all the way through to rd 15 including the rd13 bye. Having found form and other edge cheapies close to or peaking currently it’s the perfect time to get Huddy into your team, there’s no need to worry about the Stuart factor with this one either as Hudson young is one of the only sure things in this raiders team in terms of role consistency. Must for overall players.

Sell of the week- Cameron Murray

Sad times in the fantasy community with Muz falling far from grace this season with a 56avg 150k in price drops and an 86 breakeven with origin around the corner its time to cut and run to a bye round gun of your choice. Sell

Cheapie of the week- Jahream Bula

After managing three respectable scores against decent opposition bula comes into the week just under 346k with a breakeven in the negatives and showing he gets through the work in base and hard work he has the ingredients as a solid buy for some of those failed or peaked cows. BUY

Gamble of the week- Valynce Te whare

Going against better judgement some people may be boxed into trading this guy in to facilitate a better upgrade this week, although this is bad process it could still yield a decent result given the lack of good options this week compared to that available next week. Feeling lucky?

Intern Austin

*note: the gamble of the week is NOT endorsed by Amateurs Management.


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