Round 13 – Buy, Sell and Cheapie of the Week

POD Buy of the week- Cody walker

Priced at 708k Cody walker presents an interesting option at half this week with an average of 52 over the opening rounds of the competition and playing 6/7 upcoming games with no chance of origin and the bunnies draw now becoming significantly softer (they play only 3 teams currently in the top 8 for the rest of the season) and only one team in the top 8 in the next 7 weeks, given Cody is an attacking focused player it wouldn’t be hard to see him benefiting from this draw and averaging close to 60 and being the perfect stepping stone to Hynes during the bunnies round 20 bye.

Sell of the week- Lachie Miller

Ever since ponga returned to the team millers scoring has been in the toilet and now the latter has replaced him with miller reverting to the bench. We held for this round but there’s no point in holding a back over 500k that’s starting from the bench, Fantasy gods win another time to sell.

Cheapie of the week- Corey Harawira-Naera

CHN has been catapulted into relevance with news that Elliot whitehead has been suspended for two weeks but is also injured for 4-6 weeks, with an average of 53pts when playing 80 minutes at backrow for the raiders and priced at 495k you could do a lot worse for a cow that plays rd 13 and has high upside.

Gamble of the week- Alex Johnston

Its no surprise that due to the bunnies ball busting opening draw that he’s been starved of attacking stats and has fallen down to 450k but as highlighted with Cody walker the bunnies have a soft draw coming up and with an average of 40pts against lesser teams he could provide a cheeky loop option through the bye period as well as an important number.

POD captain of the week- Kayln Ponga

Dropped from state of origin and floundering for form he returns to his favourite position at fullback and possibly getting the goalkicking back as well he could look to stamp his authority on this weeks game to prove a point.

Intern Austin

*note: the gamble of the week is NOT endorsed by Amateurs Management.


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