Round 9 – Buy, Sell and Cheapie of the Week

Buy – James Tedesco $576k BE – 42

The moment we have all been waiting for, signs of life. For the first time in 2023 Teddy has posted a good score, the good news is he has completely bottomed out in price. Bad news is we know that he is locked in for State of Origin. If you are a h2h, now is the buy time. If you are overall, it’s a little more complicated, and a little bit of a gamble. Have a look at his draw for the origin period and see if you have enough coverage to manage the weeks he will be out.

Sell – Tohu Harris $673k BE – 75

A week ago, I was getting excited for Tohu to find his way into my team after shedding a little more money. Unfortunately, the fantasy gods have decided to throw a spanner in the works with a re-injury to Tohu. This is the main reason he is a sell, even when he is back I have absolutely no doubt that he will be eased back into the team and his minutes managed. While the Warriors are flying high the risk of another long-term injury to Tohu isn’t worth the gamble. Jump off while you can and spend the money wisely.

Cheapie – Jahream Bula $247k BE- 6

Priced at $247k, could Jahream be the cheapie we have all been waiting for? He looked good on debut and started off with a solid 32. Sheens seems to hold him in high regard with everything leaning towards him being their long-term fullback. It also helps that Laurie looks to be moving to 6 long term and Staines out injured. While it looks good so far, the Tigers are an absolute dumpster fire. They haven’t won a game this season and Jahream could be out of the team next week with a bad performance. With any cheapie comes a little bit of risk. But priced so cheap with a low BE he is worth a long hard look.

Gamble – Jake Granville $312k BE – -2

I can’t believe I am writing this, but Jake Granville could be a buy. Yeah, that was hard to write. 

With the injuries at the Cowboys and Payten’s love for Granville we have seen him playing in the middle with an average of 58 minutes in the last 3 games for an average score of 36. This doesn’t scream “BUY” until we add in a few extras. Firstly, he is priced at $312k with a BE of -2 and could be a key cog coming into the bye rounds. While I’m not saying go out and buy Granville, but do your due diligence and see if he fits into your team. 

Remember, he is a GAMBLE.

Intern Dale


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