Dales POD of the Week – 4.6%

Looking for a potential POD to move you away from the pack? Today we have found you a safe one, while a little pricey his job security is locked down.

Ryan Matterson. As we know Matto missed the opening few rounds of the year after getting a suspension in last years grand final. This has been well documented on social media and in the news. But since he has been back, he has been an absolute workhorse. With a season average of 60.8 and an average of 73 minutes it’s hard to see why he is a POD.

The answer to that is simple, his price tag. Priced at $792k with a breakeven on 56, he is priced in the top tier of players, for good reason. I mean look at that average, you’re paying for that certainty. We are getting to the time of the season where we start to spend some money on players that will get us all the way through to the end.

State of Origin poses a little risk as well. While I personally don’t think he will be in the team for NSW there is the risk. I remember watching an interview with Brad Fitler regarding Matto taking the suspension instead of the monetary fine at the start of the season. And Fitler said, I wouldn’t want to play alongside a teammate who wouldn’t sacrifice money to be there with me. It was an interesting comment at the time that stuck with me (mainly for my fantasy prospects) and made me think if that would affect his Origin prospects. But I guess only time will tell.

Please also note Matto is on the Bye is rounds 14 and 18. So we would be coming up to a period where he is unavailable for 2 rounds.

I think Matto is a terrific buy, strong base, good job security, and in a team that will be competing come finals time. If you’ve got the money spare, get the man in.

Intern Dale


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