Round 6 – Buy, Sell and Cheapie of the Week

Buy of the week – Jacob Preston

We have upgraded Preston from our cheapie of the week last week to our buy of the week this week. For the ones that have gotten on him early he has already made $288k in the last 5 week but it’s not too late. With a BE of -13 and a current season average of 52 he could easily make another $200k in the coming 5 weeks. Good news for Preston is the injury toll at the Bulldogs, they are struggling to name a team and all the news is that the edge spot if all his. Bad news is that he had a minor injury last week splitting the webbing on his fingers when he gave Max King a free eye exam. While he played the rest of the game last week and has been named this week there is a slight chance that he could miss the game. While I personally don’t see this happening, it is a risk. If he does play expect him to keep racking up the good scores and watch his price keep going up.

Sell of the week – Matt Doorey

This one speaks for itself, after being dropped from the team to 19th man to accommodate the return of Shaun Lane. I cannot see any reason to keep Doorey, with a BE of 19 and a risk that he comes onto the bench to play very limited minutes. It’s just not a smart gamble to keep the guy. Unfortunately, he has only made $91k this year and might be a hard trade. Get him out of your team.

Cheapie of the week – Kodi Nikorima

With the unfortunate news of Sean O’Sullivan tearing his pec and the news that Anthony Milford is out for 4 weeks with a hamstring injury, up steps Kodi Nikorima. Prices at $254k and close to basement price we expect him to make some money in the coming weeks. With a BE of 24 and a lifetime average in the halves of 38 there is clearly some room to make money. And could be a perfect swap for a few failed cheapies (Doorey, HSS, etc). While his time may be limited, he only needs 5 weeks to make $150k at his current average.

Gamble of the week – Alofiana Khan-Pereira

There’s a reason he’s a gamble, and that’s because we got to see his floor earlier this year, 0. But we also got to see him put up a 64 in his last match before the bye. Now with a BE of -18 he is sure to make some money. Unfortunately, he is very reliant on attacking stats, the good news is he has a fairly good draw coming up in the next few weeks with the only real worry being the Broncos. I Expect him to average around 44 over the next 5 weeks before we see him drop to a low to mid 30’s score for the year. While he is no absolute must have, he could make some fast cash with some decent scoring.

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