Ryan Papenhuyzen or Lil’ Pappy as he’s affectionately known, was on track for what was looking like an incredible season knocking off Tedesco and only held from the number WFB spot by an even greater outlier season from Tommy Turbo in 2021. Unfortunately, as I’m sure most remember his season was derailed in magic roundContinue reading “IN FOCUS- RYAN PAPENHUYZEN”


You may be sitting there saying to yourself… “Mark, why are you looking at Nathan Cleary? He is a gun and the clear best fantasy option for 2022!” And while I believe you are right, the answer is simple – “Why not? Are you afraid of the results?”. 2021 saw an unprecedented style of NRL,Continue reading “IN FOCUS – NATHAN CLEARY”


When we talk about Victor Radley, what typically comes to the forefront of the conversation is his poor discipline, suspensions, and inconsistent play from an NRL Fantasy perspective. That said, with the departure of Isaac Liu and Sam Verrills seemingly locked in a non 80 minute role, the opportunity is there for Radley to playContinue reading “IN FOCUS – VICTOR RADLEY”


One part of NRL fantasy that is something which is “known” by experienced players, but is something that is a steep learning curve for beginners, is the theory behind the game. In this article, I am going to discuss some “common” wisdom around the theory of NRL Fantasy, which may be a good reminder forContinue reading “NRL FANTASY GAME THEORY”


Josh Curran burst onto the scene in 2021 after registering 6 career matches prior, all from the interchange and none more than 32 minutes, to turn in an impressive average of 52 points in only 70 minutes on average. Curran displayed an odd scoring pattern for the position, averaging over 39 tackles despite spending allContinue reading “IN FOCUS – JOSH CURRAN”


The Raiders fullback jersey really comes down to two options, the workhorse or the young stud with an unknown ceiling. Charnze finds himself as the first option, with Xavier Savage waiting in the wings for his opportunity. Given Charnze really has done nothing to warrant not being selected in the #1 jersey, we have toContinue reading “IN FOCUS – CHARNZE NICOLL-KLOKSTAD”