Round 7 – Buy, Sell and Cheapie of the Week

Buy of the week- Tyson Frizell

Tyson Frizell had a false start to 2023 with two injury affected games restricting him but after having been able to get through his most recent games injury free playing the full 80 minutes and averaging 66ppg in his last three performances priced at 676k Frizell is still heavily under priced and a good value gun to buy that has bye coverage and is unlikely to play origin. The only thing stopping this from being a slam dunk is the plethora of edge cheapies turned keepers this year and the knight’s looming bye in rd 10. Heavy recommend if you have no other immediate positional issues.

Sell of the week- Jayden brailey & Adam douhei

The ACL brothers suffer their respective third ACL injuries to date in their careers effectively ruling them out for the remainder of the year hard to cop as both were on the up in terms of fantasy prospects. Pour one out and sell.

Hold of the week- Paul alamoti

Unless you have a bird/lemuelu/Graham/fidow/holmes combo in the centre position and alamoti is sitting in your emgs then there’s no reason to be selling a guy that has good bye cover, is averaging 38 when playing in his preferred centre position and hasn’t managed to score any tries to date. A poor score last week could be expected of any player that was forced onto the wing early in the game and then demolished by the opposing team don’t let the Breakeven and recent score trick you here. HOLD

Yeet of the week- Will Warbrick

Will Warbrick average when Jahrome Hughes plays… 20.8

Will Warbrick average when Jahrome Hughes doesnt… 48.5

Hes made 145k to date and has a bye in two weeks, time to jump ship.

Cheapie of the week- Jackson ford

Jackson ford has been exceeding expectations this season with a 50pt average when playing 80mintues in the backrow for the warriors this season and at 462k with dual position Ford still holds a large amount of value for anyone who hasn’t jumped on yet, don’t miss out. BUY

Gamble(s) of the week- Lots of low security cheapies

Toby couchman 315k lowest breakeven has seen his mins trending upwards but Dragons pack very flexible.

Soni luke 309k has seen increased mins due to Kenny playing more middle mins for the injured JFH and soro being in the second row due to martins injury.

Hame sele could see an uptick in mins with tatola out injured for another month after re doing his knee last week but jai arrow returns to fill a big minute void.

Intern Austin


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