Round 4 – Buy, Sell and Cheapie of the Week

Buy of the week- Shaun Johnson

Sj has been in sublime form to start the competition with an average of 58 over the first three rounds even posting his highest score of the year 69 (nice) in a losing side against the roosters, What’s most impressive is Sj’s defensive improvements having only 4 missed tackles across three rounds and averaging 500kms Pg his base is right up there with some elite options. With a good bye schedule and his price only shooting up this is a good week for people to jump on in favour of also punting douhei, feels like a lay up. Wheels up

Sell of the week- Adam Doueihi

With the tigers somehow still in complete shambles despite a plethora of high calibre off season signings Sheenius captain of the SS Tigertanic has started shuffling the deck chairs and its bad news bears for the douster, punted to fullback where he averages 35-40 with goal kicking, a rumoured turf toe injury hampering his ability at 749k its time to cash out and come back later if theres a dpp and a low 600’s price.

Cheapie of the week- Jacob Preston

Goldilocks blessed buyers with a 54 in mainly base with only a linebreak and some tbs in the attack column adding on a whopping 74k to his price and a -16 Be Preston looks set to launch into the stratosphere price wise, the jets are getting fuelled for take off make sure your onboard this week.

Yeet of the week- Reuben Cotter

Much like the entire cowboys team Reuben is suffering from some form issues but that also could’ve been due to the meniscus injury he has and could’ve carried into the year nonetheless his minutes weren’t looking good and with how he scores points a dynamic player with a knee injury is never a good combination. Time to sell

Dice roll of the week- Connelly lemuelu

With kaufusi accepting a three week ban *checks notes* challenging? Resulting in a four week ban lemuelu presents an interesting option given his dual Edg/Ctr availability with an average of 52 when playing 70+ mins on the edge in reserve grade, Lemuelu would only need to avg 45 to make 120k and be a successful gamble plus theres always the chance he could hold the spot with kbrom playing a lot of middle lately. Buyer beware

Intern Austin


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