Rather than doing a full bio of all the guys we didn’t capture in the preseason, we will put them all in this article….


With Angus Crichton out for the foreseeable future, Butcher looks to partner his older brother on the Roosters edge. The sample for Butcher is limited, with only 15 appearances in first grade of at least 30 mins and only 2 edge starts, both of which came in 2021.

Butcher is a young player, and we do have a larger sample in NSW cup in 2021, with 6 edge starts at an average of 42.8 in 76.5 minutes. Butcher is a base stat accumulator type more than an attacking player, which should lead to consistency but is rarely a recipe for Fantasy success. It is hard to know if he is simply a Tariq Sims type, or if he has some hidden attacking upside we are yet to discover. Personally, I prefer a number of the cheaper options, or spending an extra $100k or so to get a known gun in Frizell, but I acknowledge the potential of Butcher to push into the high 40s or low 50s if it all comes together.


More than likely going to be a high ceiling, low floor excitement machine and an ideal one for a loop slot.


One of the tougher decisions for fantasy managers given his clear upside, but with Bateman breathing down his neck and the plethora of cheapies available, we suggest looking elsewhere unfortunately (as we are big Blore fans).


Ford seems to have, at least for now, won the edge job for the Warriors, and looks set for at least 50-55 mins with upside, and at the price we can’t judge anyone for taking a punt. The danger here is Currans short preseason perhaps impacting the lineup, and the impending return of Jazz Tevaga, but if you are going to take a risk, round 1 is the time to do it.


With Savage likely missing the opening 8 rounds, HSS looks set for a solid foundation of scoring in the centres, with a typical centre putting up around 25 points in base. That, combined with his obvious talent and the Raiders being a good side, we could see Harley put up a low 30s average realistically and be a quality starting 17 member.


Probably the highest upside cheapie of the year, but also one of the riskiest with a round 1 date with the Roosters and Anthony Milford breathing down his neck. You almost have to take the punt on a $230K half, but make sure you have the depth around him.


Just do not go there.


A really interesting option for those with a high risk tolerance, Luke looks to be set for somewhere between 20 and 55-60 mins, but as to what he earns who knows. With a bye in round 3, we can probably take a look for the first two rounds and jump on if he shows something that makes him worth a buy with a low BE in round 4.


Too expensive, and we think he may end up in a gameday swap to the bench, with Preston moving into the starting 13, but lets see what happens.


Kind of a weird one, but seems to have earned the #3 prop spot on merit over Corey Horsburgh, at least for the time being. The Amateurs don’t trust Ricky, so we cant recommend Saulo to you, but won’t talk you out of it further.


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