Thanks to a leak from an unknown source, the changes to the game of NRL Fantasy have been leaked, presenting new challenges for Fantasy coaches. One of the most significant changes is the adjustment to the way the points are scored, with massive impacts on some of the key positional players. Here is what we know, and what we can only guess in terms of the changes in 2022 and how it will impact players moving forward.

Basically, what we have seen is a huge nerf to halves who gain a lot of their points through kick metres and tackle busts, like popular fantasy options Mitchell Moses and Nathan Cleary who have had their averages reduced by 12-14%, where players who get the bulk of their points through other base stats like Payne Haas and Tom Trbojevic have only had their scores reduced by about half that.

Now there are some question marks on a few of the stats above accuracy, being the number of “6 again” infringements given away and the offloads to hand vs to ground, but ultimately the pattern and intent is very clear – they want to more closely simulate the real life game, where just booting the ball down field over and over, “crab” running across the field breaking tackles while gaining no forward momentum, giving away repeat sets and offloading the ball to the ground are not seen as positive plays and are not scored as such.

Let us be the first to applaud these changes, and see you all soon for Episode 1!


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