Round 5 – Buy, Sell and Cheapie of the Week

Buy of the week- Jackson Ford

Playing 80 minutes on the edge and averaging 52 when playing the full game plus a good bye schedule, priced at 383k with DPP, Jackson ford is an easy trade in for anyone looking to strengthen their side with keeper potential along with price rises to boot. Slam dunk in ya come mate

Sell of the week- Luke Garner (again)

See sell of the week Rd 2 + injury (apparently) don’t make me have to write this again. Dud city

Cheapie of the Week- Jacob preston

It’s not too late to get on Presto but its now or never with an average of 49 when playing 80mintues and TPJ’s return pushed back further he still has plenty of cash to make and doesn’t have a bye intill round 13. Train leaving the station

Yeet of the week- Reed Mahoney

After flying a false flag in round 1 with a big score and little demerits, Reed returned to his median by going on to average 47 in the last 3 weeks with an average of SEVENTEEN demerits Per game excluding the outlier performance in round one, The perfect opportunity arises to punt Mahoney to brailey and bank 100k in the process. Don’t hold onto this ride anymore, speaking from experience it doesn’t get any better. SELL

Gamble of the week- Zac Hosking

Zac Hosking’s job security is shrouded in mystery with Liam martin missing another week through injury and Luke garner being (Dr Evil Quotation marks) “rested” its unclear whether he’s won the job on merit or if both 1st strings are injured. With an average of 69 (nice) when playing 80 minutes at backrow one 60pt performance would give us around 75k+ in price rises and then if he starts again next week its going to be raining money. With Keeper Upside and some easy cash to be made anyone can be forgiven for taking this enticing punt but there is still the chance he is out of the team next week completely although unlikely. Buyer Beware

Hey! Listen!

Don’t Sell Keepers!   

Intern Austin

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