Round 3 – Buy, Sell and Cheapie of the Week

Buy of the week- Jacob Preston

After a lacklustre debut in round one off the bench Preston only scored 18pts in 52 mins but he can be forgiven for that after not only being shifted to ctr for a portion of the game and the bulldogs not only falling at the first hurdle but tripping, spinning and imploding in one of the worst 80min team performances ever, He bounced back with a 62 in 76mins including a try and even without the try he still managed a healthy mid 40s in base stats.

Named at lock last week but actually playing edge with RFM playing middle, Cameron Ciraldo has shown his confidence in Preston as a Permanent fixture in the 13 by directly naming him to start on the edge this week instead of naming him on the bench or late switching him on gameday, with a be of -11 two scores of 40 would net an increase of 110k on his current price so even if TPJ’s return affected Prestons role he would be able to make enough money in time to be worth the trade regardless. BUY.

Sell of the week- Brandon Smith

Not much deliberation needed here, most were on the fence about selling last week but after a hia/rib injury affected his round 1 performance and then the same rib injury cut him down in rd 2 Smith’s only managed to average a measly 22pts and lose 54k in two weeks.

With a Bye in rd 4, injury cloud hanging over him and a breakeven of 61 its time to yeet this man to the shadow realm. SELL

Cheapie of the week- Bryce cartwright

The Party continues into a three week bender with Carty pumping out another great score of 48pts in 80mins against the sharks last week piling on another 65k and taking his total price rises to 112k making him the second highest earner behind J’maine Hopgood for the season, if were right and carty has the edge spot in till Shaun lane comes to gate crash the party in round six then theres still another 150k to be made, the wheels continue to be up.

Yeet of the week- Scott drinkwater

Those that thought starting with an expensive wfb option with upside in Scott Pisswater were Punished immensely when he only managed to avg 25pts in two games lose 63k and get suspended for three weeks in what was an uninterested performance from the Cowboys fullback, with the Cowboys suffering from what looks like an adjustment period of teams being out to get them  because they were one of the benchmark teams the previous year.

Scott Bongwater is a Yeet so hard that even Miss Trunchbull would be proud of the distance this dud will travel from fantasy relevancy.

Intern Austin


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