Round 2 – Buy, Sell and Cheapie of the Week

Sell of the week – Luke Garner;

Luke garner failed spectacularly to fit into the panthers system during his first game after only managing 26pts in 50 minutes with Ivan Cleary labelling his performance as “unable to play at the required intensity the panthers demand” sounds like he’s got Hosking nipping at the heels and a poor performance tonight could see him out of the team after the rd 3 bye, In 3 games between 50-60mins garner averages only 24pts Pg and with the panthers edge not gelling its time to cut ties with him.

Buy of the week – J’Maine Hopgood

Not much to say here other then what are you doing, if you don’t own “HopGod” then its time to rectify that mistake before it derails your season, after an impressive 82pts in 84mins last week waiting any longer would be suicide.

Cheapie of the week – Bryce Cartwright

The Carty Party is well and truly back with a 57 in 80mins last weekend and at 297k there’s still plenty of money to be made albeit abit risky but if carty continues to pump out 50s over the next two weeks which looks likely given his career 48pt average when playing in the second row for 80mins its looking likely that hes going to make another 140k and then drip feed maybe another 30k if benched when matto returns. If you can get him in with one trade I would be doing it.

Intern Austin

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