Melbourne City 2-1

Newcastle Jets 2-0

Melbourne Victory 2-1

Draw 1-1

Sydney 3-1


Name : Robert Mak
Pos : FWD
Price : 291K
Ownership : 2%

I saw enough from Mak week 1 to see he is going to flourish in this Sydney team.

Not only is he a Goalscorer but he is very creative and I could see him being their go to player for goals this season.

Their next run of fixtures are pretty good and I could see him getting some returns.


Name : Jamie Maclaren
Pos : FWD
Price : 365.7K
Ownership : 40%

I think this is a great fixture for Maclaren even though his scoring record hasn’t been good against Brisbane.

City looked really good in attack and I could see them putting Brisbane under the pump in a game that will have a few goals.

Name : Beka Mikeltadze
Pos : FWD
Price : 426.6K
Ownership : 7%

Beka didn’t get to play week 1 due to the weather but Perth his a good opponent this week in a game that I can see a few goals being scored.

Beka is the Jets talisman and will be involved in everything they do in attack.

I think he can get off the ground running with a goal this week.

Name : Mathew Leckie
Pos : FWD
Price : 426.6K
Ownership : 3%

Leckie was probably Melbourne’s best on ground in attack.

He not only provides great attacking chances for his team but he can also explode with goals. I think Brisbane will concede a few times this week and Leckie will play a part in it.

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