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FPL Assets

Name : Dominic Solanke
Pos : FWD
Price : 6.0


Solanke had an amazing season in the championship netting 29 goals.

Heading into his 2nd stint in the premier league he looks like a more mature footballer and if Bournemouth are to survive this aeason its going to be because Solanke is scoring goals.

I think he is in the same category as Toney/Mitrovic/Richarlison so he definitely has value and is definitely a player worth considering due to his scoring versatility.

Name : Phillip Billing
Pos : MID
Price : 5.5


Billing could be a great asset this season when Bournemouth’s fixtures are good.

He was deployed as a number 10 behind Solanke last season which created quite the partnership.

Billing created alot of attack through goals and assists. Billing overlapped Solanke on alot of ocasions to find himself in dangerous positions in the opositions box.

Depending on how Bournemouth’s attack looks this season he could be a sneaky enabler.

Name : Jaidon Anthony
Pos : MID
Price : 5.5


Anthony offered good attacking threat last season for Bournemouth whether it was arriving late into the box to score goals or provide goalscoring opportunities by putting balls into the box for Solanke.

Anthony is quite a skillful player who can create attack out of nothing, He is definitely worth watching over the pre aeason to see how his form is looking.

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