My Captain


After an absolute masterclass against my boys United last week I’ve decided to stick the arm band on Mo Salah again this week.

Mo Salah plays a Brighton side who just shipped 4 goals to Man city and although their defence at home has been good at home their defence away from home hasn’t been great over the past few seasons.

Mo Salah his past 3 games

Goals- 5
Shots-  13
Assists- 2
Chances created- 8
Key passes- 5
Crosses-  5

Week 10 Team


Lukaku ➡️ Aubamaeyang Free
Saka ➡️ Foden -4

I transferred in Aubamaeyang straight after lockout before the Arsenal game last week as i would of gone him instead of Lukaku who in term got injured straight after i got him in.

Like Chillwell last week i took a -4 to get him in which paid off so im banking on Foden to offset the -4 this week and get me a decent return.

Week 10 predictions

Leicester vs Arsenal  – 2-3
Burnley vs Brentford – 2-2
Liverpool vs Brighton – 3-0
Man City vs Palace – 2-0
Newcastle vs Chelsea – 0-3
Watford vs Southampton – 1-1
Spurs vs Man united – 1-2
Norwich vs Leeds – 1-2
Villa vs West ham – 1-2
Wolves vs Everton – 2-0


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