There is alot of debate around Goalkeepers this year on who is the best option.

Here are some strategies to look at

4.0-4.6 Double up

This strategy you use either a bench filler and a starting cheap asset or you get 2 starting cheap assets and interchange them depending on matchups.

Name: Raya
Price: 4.6
Pts: 25
Save Pts: 2
Clean Sheets: 2
Bonus Points: 1

Raya is a great option when the fixtures are good but also can get those save pts when he plays in the harder fixtures.

Name: Sanchez
Price: 4.6
Pts: 17
Save Pts: 1
CS-: 2

Sanchez is a good plug in and plsy option depending on the fixture who can get you save points and the odd clean sheet.

Name: Ramsdale
Price: 4.5
Pts: 15
Save Pts: 1
CS: 2
BP: 2

If Ramsdale keeps his starting spot which i believe he will he is a must have for Arsenals fixture run coming up.
He has featured in the save pts and bonus pts in his 2 starts.

Name: Guaita
Price: 4.5
Pts: 21
Save Pts: 4
Clean Sheets: 2
Bonus Points: 2

Guita is a great shit stopper and is alot like Raya who can get you save pts but also score really good when fixtures are good.

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