Surely not!

I know what we are both thinking after reading that name, why are we doing this to ourselves? Just humour me for a few minutes. It feels weird to be doing a deep dive into a seasoned veteran playmaker that has averaged 34 points in his career. But you know we are going to look in the deepest crevices for value in 2023.

Let’s see what his stats say.

 Avg PointsBaseAttackNegativesKick Meters
Career34.125.810.2-6.6129.59 / 23.3%
202230.724.111.5-7.884 / 14.4%

We know that Foran isn’t a well-known fantasy player. But also, not known to be a dominant half. Moving to the Gold Coast will see him move into this role. Below is the 2 games in 2022 when Cherry-Evans didn’t play and Foran became the dominate half. We see an instant increase in kick meters, which you would expect. Base stays consistent but his negatives is what really kills him.

2022PointsBaseAttackNegativesKick Meters
Round 1337236-2316 / 62%
Round 1434269-12294 / 57%

Again, it’s still nothing to write home about. But let’s have a wider look at his career stats when he is the dominant half. To do this we have only taken games when Foran has taken over 50% of kick meters for the game. We only have a sample size of 13 over his career and we’ve broken them down into what club he was at.

ClubGamesPointsBaseAttackNegativesKick Meters
Eels144375-8247 / 55%
Warriors125220-6273 / 60%
  31312-12316 / 54%
  27330-14246 / 58%
  36322-6252 / 71%
  462222-8200 / 52%
  31282-10330 / 55%
  382710-6218 / 55%
  603918-8352 / 54%
  372111-8392 / 77%
  462818-8249 / 68%
  37236-2316 / 62%
  34269-12294 / 57%
Averages 37.8428.388.07-8.30283 / 59%

Kudos to you if you read through all them stats and are still thinking about Foran, because I definitely am not. While the move to the Gold Coast might be beneficial for them, I don’t see any real reason why it should be beneficial for fantasy. I expect a big uptick in kick meters in 2023 but I don’t see enough to have massive value for Foran. We may see a slight increase in attacking stats with him linking with Fifita, but he’s just too erratic to be relevant.

While I do see a very slight value in Foran in 2023 there isn’t enough there to take a punt on. Unless the Titans find some red hot form and go on an attacking run then there’s much better options out there. Foran relies too much on attacking stats and is way too inconsistent compared to other fantasy prospects.