Adam Doueihi (HLF): WESTS TIGERS

The talk of Tiger town?

One of the stand out WFB options in the back half of last year’s fantasy season, Adam Doueihi will have to earn his fantasy standing as a half only this season after losing his dual position. The 24-year-old will be priced at 54 ($771’000) for this upcoming season and would need to post keeper level scores to offer any value at all. With two games off the bench and another at centre upon return from a torn ACL, is it possible at only 2.9% ownership, Doueihi is the POD keeper half that fantasy coaches are missing?

Since joining the Tigers in 2020, Doueihi has played 22 games at Five-Eighth, posting an average of 59.1 across the last two seasons and an incredible 62 point average last season, good enough to be tied with Cameron Munster as the 3rd best half of 2022 and the 2nd best WFB behind only Nicho Hynes. As you’d expect, Doueihi’s attacking stats dipped in 2022 when compared to 2021 with the roll back of PVL ball with his tries, try assists and goals decreasing. Yet his overall average increased from 57.4 in 2021 to 62 last season. So where did the extra points come from?

Stats Breakdown20212022
Kicking (goal & in game)13.915.7

Doueihi offset the loss in attacking stats through an increase in kick metres and a big jump in his defensive workload, with his averaged tackles rising from 18 per game in 2021 to 22 last season. Even if his defensive output was to decline, it would still leave Doueihi on the cusp of a 60 average season. His kick metres shouldn’t decline much with an even split with Luke Brooks likely. There can also be a case for optimism made for an uptick in Doueihi’s attacking output. Tim Sheens has indicated he is prioritising an attacking style of football,which Doueihi would undoubtedly be an integral part of such an offence as a running half. Combined with this likely leading to more shots at goal as well as a full offseason to prepare unlike last season that was predominantly injury rehab.

It’s been speculated that Doueihi may play centre to begin the year with Daine Laurie in the halves with Brooks. If that is the case then Doueihi is significantly over priced and fantasy coaches will be hoping for some sharp price drops before returning to the halves. If he remains in the halves, then Doueihi presents at least 3 to 4 points of value on the low end with a high 50s average and potential to push into the mid 60s and be an excellent cut price keeper. He is awkwardly priced in the no man’s land of the top end options of Hynes and Cleary and the discount options of Hastings and Burton, likely explaining his low ownership. If you have extra salary cap space left over then moving one of the discount options to Doueihi could net you an extra 5 to 10 points.



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