Origin hero, fantasy relevant?

After coming off an average year fantasy wise last season, can the unsung hero of State of Origin Game 3 2022 Tom Gilbert push himself into coach’s teams after securing a move to the Dolphins?

Tom Gilbert was the absolute bane of my existence and without delving into the depths immediately, I’m not seeing a lot that would change this at all. He would need either an 80-minute edge role or a big. minute middle role. Let’s look at where he fits into this Dolphins pack exactly.

I think it’s a fair assumption that there is 0 chance of an 80-minute EDG role with both Kenny Bromwich and Felise Kaufusi joining and both notable 80 minute EDG players so that almost certainly puts a line through that scenario.

It’s safe to say he will be part of that MID rotation which includes JBrom, JWall, Ese x 2, Ray Stone and Mark Nicholls more than likely. We think it looks something like this.

Bromwich-45 mins

Wallace-50 mins

Nicholls-35 mins

Ese’ese-25 mins

Stone-30 mins.

This would leave Gilbert with 55 mins to work around with. Last year for the Cowboys his main role was as a 25 min EDG to start off with and then come back on and play 30-35 mins as a middle. While it’s hard to isolate these middle stats here we can base a projection off what he has done previously in a similar middle role.

Gilbert has a career average of 36.9 in 43.9 mins at a ppm of 0.78 which gives him a 42.9 average. Not great reading for a bloke priced at 39. Even in a 60-minute role, this increases to 46.8 but this is absolute best-case scenario.

In summation I’m happy to go out on a limb in saying it was a mistake getting on last year, and nothing has changed to make me think any differently this year.

Final Verdict: AVOID