Warriors lose another Ipap?

Eliesa Katoa follows in Isaiah Papali’s footsteps by leaving the warriors for a club that may turn him into a superstar godlike edge backrower, he’s currently playing tug a war for the position with a couple of players vying for the vacant spot left at Melbourne, can he put a full season together and become a fantasy stud?

There’s a couple of possible outcomes here which is that Eliesa either players 60-65mins or 80mins even though Bellamy used to play both his edges for 80mins in previous year’s that era in league has been fading for awhile with most clubs playing one edge for 80 and the other for 60 and with Tariq sims available on the other edge he might be the likely candidate to play the bigger role given his experience.

Eliesa is priced at 448k (31pts)


As you can see Katoa’s minutes don’t seem to matter all that much given he has a healthy base average across all possible outcomes and even seems to drop back a bit the longer he’s out there, think Kikau-esk type of player that’s incredibly damaging but can be prone to brain fades the longer there out on the park and with Munster feeding Katoa decent ball its only good times ahead, Basically if Eliesa can average this in a warriors team that barley threatened for top 8 imagine what could happen at a club like the Storm.


Guess who? Isaiah Papali’s backrow stats before going to parramatta and Even though Ipap has more games then Katoa it paints a similar picture. Basically if you can’t tell what im saying its that if Katoa starts in any capacity hes a screaming BUY.

Wheels UP.



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