George Jennings (WFB): MELBOURNE STORM

Another cheapie wfb?

George Jennings presents an interesting option for a cheapie wfb cash cow as more information about Ryan Papenhayuzens injury is pointing towards him being nowhere near ready for round one or the foreseeable future which means George should get an extended run on the flank for Melbourne.

Jennings is almost basement price at 250k (17pts), with an average of 30pts over 45 games in the NRL when he plays the full 80 minutes (36pt average over 13 games with 62% TSR when playing at Melbourne). Like most wingers, Jennings is try dependant however with Melbourne’s opening draw of eels, bulldogs, titans and west tigers he could get off to a flyer and get the money rolling.

When playing at Melbourne Jennings averages

  • 47pts against bottom 4 teams (4 games) 
  • 27pts against top 4 teams (3 games)
  • 32pts against Middle 8 teams (6 games)

Although these are small sample sizes, Jennings is a winger so not much will change with bigger sample sizes, but Jennings still has at least 10pts of value when playing against top 4 teams and then upside to high 30s if he can jag some tries in the easier games.

If he’s starting in round 1 it would be good consideration to take him over someone like Khan-Periera who has an early bye and similar job security issues. BUY


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