Second year ACL upgrade?

Fogarty joined the Raiders and then tragically suffered an ACL injury before getting to play a game or even spend significant time in preseason. As a result, he started slow in his round 12 return before pushing the Raiders to a finals berth. So what does 2023 have in store for Jamaal?

Fogarty got off to a bit of a slow start, getting through the Origin period with an average of 44.8 points in his first 5 games before the Round 17 bye. From Round 18 onwards however, he registered a 53 average including the two finals performances, a drastic improvement.

We saw something similar in 2020, with Fogarty coming into a desperate Titans side in Round 3 and starting off with a first 5 average of 32.2, before exploding to a 51.4 average to finish the year, and then backing that up with a 54.6 average in the full 2021 season.

With a full preseason under the belt, and a settled spine, we expect that Fogartys combination with Jack Wighton, Xavier Savage and Tom Starling/Danny Levi should grow. Following this pattern, we could expect similar growth to what we saw in 2020/21, with Fogarty increasing his stats up to the 55+ points per game region.

The only real downside for Fogarty is the presence of Jack Wighton, who does a significant amount of in play kicking and attacking down the left edge. Fogarty remains a “steady” option in the halves, but with others having more upside around the same price I would suggest you can let this one go through to the keeper unless you are POD hungry.


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