Ruined price, ruined prospects?

Here at the Amateurs, we were excited through the offseason to plug cheapie Josh Schuster into our halves spot or the bench for his DPP, expecting him to be priced off his 2022 average of 18.5. Unfortunately, the powers that be decided to adjust his price drastically to a 33 average, so is there still a value?

In a word, yes (more than likely) – but nowhere near enough to warrant his selection in your team.

Here are some important facts:

1. Schuster kicked for an average of 70 metres (2 points) in games he played at 6 with DCE. DCE is a dominant in play kicker, and this is unlikely to change.

2. These performances were both in “PVLBALL”, where he averaged 50, but an average of a whopping 33 points of that was in attacking stats

3. In his two halves performances in 2022, he came back to a much more sensible and likely 19 points per game in attack (which for context is MORE than 2022 Cody Walker)

4. In those two performances, Schuster averaged 34 points – with a base very similar to his PVLBALL base.

Even if you leave room for player development, we need a full 8-9 points of development in one offseason. Add Turbo and a full preseason and anything is possible, but we have real concerns about the viability of Schuster as a fantasy option. Traditionally, halves that don’t kick in play (or only kick small amounts), don’t goal kick and are the third option in attack for their team don’t make good fantasy selections. We have also seen that Schuster is on the “injury prone” side (as much as a player can be injury prone), and has shown a lack of dedication towards injury rehab and fitness so far in his short career.

In short, Schuster is likely to be a volatile selection that relies on attacking stats in a team many have destined for the bottom 4. It is entirely possible, though unlikely he finishes the year CHEAPER THAN HE STARTED, and it is frankly a mystery how so many of you have been sucked in, as all 7 of us at the Amateurs (Mark, Ryan, Rob and 4 interns) all have him as a trap.



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