Fantasy gun bench forward?

2022 saw Ryan Matterson play in an unfamiliar role of bench middle and whilst we were all happy to put a line through his name, he went onto prove that this just wasn’t going to hamper his scoring at all. We are left with an Eels pack that has been dented with the departure of Ipap and would think it to be logical to assume Matto walks back into this role. But with a 4-week suspension to start the year we have guys that could play themselves into this role. So, we are left with two possibilities. An 80 min EDG or a 55-60 min bench mid…any value though?

Matterson EDG average at the Eels is truly elite. Over the last two seasons in games played over 70 mins he averaged 63.7 in basically 80 mins. The most interesting stat here is that PVL ball had no impact in his scoring at all. His average drops down to 62.3 from 64.6. Priced at 53.2, he is definitely sitting in the cut price keeper category and is a clear buy in my opinion if he lands this role.

Evidently, BA doesn’t seem to see Matto as an EDG with news trickling out that both Doorey and Carty are training on the other EDG vacated by Ipap. This throws Matto back into the same role he had last year. As a middle, Matto was running at a PPM of 1, averaging 58.9 in 58.87 minutes and we see him playing a similar role this year minutes wise. This would still be enough to put him in the cut price keeper category with around 5 points of value. There’s not anything here that would see a dip in minutes so is still a very solid option. Luckily for us, we get until round 5 to decide due to his 4-week suspension.

Final Verdict-On an EDG he is a strong candidate for BUY, in our projected role for him he is a BUY with CAUTION.



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