The perfect 18th man

Priced at only 250k (17), new Parramatta Eels’ recruit Matt Doorey is shaping up to be a popular option if he wins a spot on the right edge.  That said, it’s worth analysing his past statistics and possible projections so that we can temper our expectations accordingly.

Doorey’s 60+ minute starts at backrow in the NRL are uninspiring – averaging only 31.7 in 6 games.  The base stats are about what we would expect from a back rower (37.3), but like many young players, his games were plagued by negative stats (-10.3 per game – averaging 4.5 missed tackles).

If we were to compare this to his reserve-grade games for the Mounties – the situation isn’t much better – averaging only 30.7 in his ten 60+ minute backrow starts.  His average base stats (30.6) and demerits (-7.7) are a bit lower – however his average attacking stats are slightly inflated in reserve grade (7.8 vs 4.7 in the NRL) – perhaps reflecting the lower quality opposition.

Now we know that the Eels’ right edge has been incredibly lucrative in the past (see Isaiah Papali’i who averaged 62.8 in his 60+ minute starts in 2022 and a staggering 68.2 using the same parameters in 2021).  Obviously, no one in the Amateurs is expecting young Matt top replicate iPap’s production – and at his price he doesn’t need to – because even a conservative 31 average would net you over $200,000 in cash rises.   Any increase on his attacking stats (which is certainly possible playing outside Mitchell Moses) could push him up into mid to high 30s scoring and generate a whole lot more cash for your fantasy side.

It might be boring – but if Doorey is selected on the edge, plug him into your EMGs and don’t look back. He will be the ideal “safety” play in the loop slot (thanks to the byes), so loop him and a high upside outside back in your EMG week to week.



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