A new elite gun?

Reece Robson has managed to catapult himself into the “elite hooker” echelon. Priced at 54 but with a very favourable bye draw and playing in what would appear to be one of the genuine contenders to the NRL throne this year, is this someone on your radar?

The first thing we should really look at first is something that has been mentioned a few times. Robbo has an insanely high try scoring rate. Here we have a guy who last year scored one try every three games when playing 80 minutes (which I would assume would continue this year as part of an effective and winning formula). Sustainable? It would appear this isn’t an anomaly.


I’ve had the pleasure of owning Robbo on a couple of occasions now and I don’t think I’m alone in knowing that Robbo 9 times out of 10 is going to have a crack when 3 metres from the line. I can’t see that mentality changing and therefore I think it’s fair to say that this try scoring rate is sustainable if not the least not impossible. Not only does he like to have a go himself but he’s not completely selfish striking at a career 32% in try assists.

Robbo is also very efficient and points savvy off the ball with a career average of 53 points per game in base (basically what he’s priced at). This is exactly what I want to see. A guy who scores well in base and is a huge attacking threat. Basically, the definition of a gun fantasy player. I’m personally willing to go out on a limb and say that it will not surprise me at all if he eclipses 60 this year (assuming injury free and keeps the 80-minute role.)

Still not sold? Let’s look at the Cowboys bye draw. Now I’m heavily overall focused so it must be said this is more ideal for this facet of the game as opposed to H2H. The Cows don’t have their first bye round until Round 15 meaning he plays the first two “major” bye rounds. Big green light there. Secondly, he plays through all of Origin and, pending injuries, should theoretically not be any chance for origin behind the likes of Koroisau and Cook. Another green light. Having a guy who can score you 55 plus through origin is another huge green light.

In summation we find a guy who, in my opinion, will be a top three hooker average wise but probably ranks higher In total points, very fantasy relevant, an awesome bye draw and did I mention a POD? 5.5%……

My personal verdict: Although I really want this one for myself I think he is a STRAGHT UP BUY!!!



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