The last man standing?

With Helium Luki returning from injury in the early to middle rounds and Luciano Leilua stood down, the Cowboys find themself short an edge forward or two and Mr Fix It Tom GIlbert is now down south. So where do they turn?

There are a number of options, one of which is new purchase Jack Gosiewski who happens to be the only fit pure edge forward left. There are also Mitch Dunn and Taniela Sadrugu who are both middle/edge hybrids and definitely options, but this sort of situation is the reason why they signed Gosiewski so it seems counter-intuitive not to use him, and Luki will return in rounds 4-6 by the sound of it.

Gosiewski’s stats are not great reading. In his 6x 30+ minute edge back row starts in the last 3 years, Gosiewski averages 31.2 in 55.8 minutes, which is probably a realistic projection for Jack in the early rounds. We are expecting Reuben Cotter to actually start the game on the edge, then push to the middle when Gosiewski comes on in the 20-25 minute range. We expect this role will eventually be filled by Helium Luki.

Starting at $264k, if we knew there was 6+ weeks for Jack he would be an obvious buy for your 17th/18th man spot. The Cowboys actually find themselves with a great draw, facing none of our projected top 6 sides in the first 8 rounds, and only 3 teams we have projected to be competing for the top 8. This should hopefully mean for the Cowboys that they won’t need to rush Luki back from injury, and he can make sure he is 100% fit.

If we end up with Mitch Dunn, his numbers are even bleaker, with a 39.7 average in 75.5 minutes, which projects down to 28.9-31.5 points per game over 55-60 minutes. Sadrugu is yet to debut, and played centre in reserve grade to a raging success. He would be the biggest upside option, but feels the least likely at the moment.

Really, I would only go to Gosiewski in a TLT disaster for cheapies, and you can never feel completely comfortable that his job is safe.



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