CTR cheapie or hope destroyer come TLT?

Paul Alamoti is the new kid on the block at the bulldogs and at 19yrs old 6ft, 98kgs he is one of the frontrunners for the vacant ctr spot left by the departure of Aaron Schoupp.

Now there’s not much data on Paul having not even debuted in the NRL yet but he’s played one full season in NSW cup for a 39pt avg over 15 games in 2022. Even with some reduction due to a better style of defense, etc, this level of scoring is probably enough to trust in your starting centre position, freeing up some cash for other positions.

With a base of 26pts on avg over his 80min appearances its already good reading for a basement price cheapie in a tough position and given the way the bulldogs are trending as a team we could well see another Taylan may keeper situation, No need to overthink this one if he starts he’s in your team.



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