Cheap hooker – overrated?

Any time you have a starting NRL hooker at this price, you need to take a closer look. Does the future hold success for Paix, or are you better off getting a high priced hooker instead?

Paix comes into the 2023 season as a very interesting prospect. Now entering his 4th season in the NRL with a full preseason and no injuries. Coming through the junior system Paix had very good wraps, unfortunately it hasn’t transferred to NRL yet, or fantasy. Could this be the season? Let’s break it down.

Below are his previous stats from 2020 till 2022. Please note 2021/2022 ACL injury.


Now I know what your thinking, the stats look horrible. I agree but there is always a silver lining. Brisbane Broncos. They have been dreadful; we saw a slight return to form in 2022 but they still didn’t see finals. The whole structure is built off Adam Reynolds, which is the reason Paix becomes an interesting prospect. With an aging and injury prone half we saw Billy Walters filling in at half whenever there was an injury in 2022. With Reynolds not getting any younger I can see some games in 2023 with him getting an early shower or an injury/niggling injury happening which will be an immediate minute increase for Paix.

Brisbane don’t have depth in hooking position, we saw Jake Turpin move to roosters and Kobe Hetherington injured. Billy Walters will be the main person sharing the hooker minutes and Blake Mozer is supposed to be the next “Cameron Smith”, but I highly doubt we will see him in 2023.

With Paix and Walters being the 2 main hooking options. Personally, I think Walters gets the starting gig. But let’s say Paix does, I see the starter playing a 55 – 60 minute role. With him in a full pre-season and being fit again, not coming off an injury. I can see him averaging up to 40 pts in this scenario.

Spanner in the works – I love a good plot twist so let’s add in the man we are missing, Jock Madden. He isn’t known for being a hooker but it wouldn’t be of any surprise if Jock knocked either Paix or Walters off the bench and played at hooker/half cover/lock. Especially while Hetherington is injured.

Verdict – Unless Paix locks down the starting hooking position he is a solid AVOID. While he may be basement price there are way too many threats to his position to even consider him. The only time I would take a gamble on him is if Walters or Reynolds were to go down with a long term injury.



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