Well Amateurs faithful, we’re entering the pointy end of the season where coaches are less interested in cash cows and more focused on finding a cheap cash out to squeeze as much juice for final upgrades. The unsung heroes and an important staple in most sides for the run home and head-to-head finals making sure you get that Edrick Lee 89 or a Koula 58 is the tactical red dot. The ideal red dot looper will play for a team that is playing later in the week, to provide you with as many options as possible to plug a scoring player with a low floor and high ceiling into your 18th man slot and loop their score in if they go will. Luckily for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting and broken down each teams schedule based on what day of the week they play from round 18 to round 25 (and head-to head finals round 21-24 listed in brackets) to determine which red dot is right for you.

Broncos4 (3)4 (1)0
Bulldogs2 (1)2 (2)4 (1)
Cowboys2 (1)3 (2)3 (1)
Dragons13 (1)4 (3)
Eels7 (3)1 (1)0
Knights12 (1)5 (3)
Manly4 (1)3 (2)1 (1)
Panthers4 (3)3 (1)1
Raiders04 (2)4 (2)
Roosters5 (2)3 (2)0
Sharks16 (4)1
Souths3 (2)4 (2)1
Storm6 (4)11
Tigers03 (2)5 (2)
Titans1 (1)34 (3)
Warriors5 (3)3 (1)0

A few teams stick out instantly, like Parramatta who will basically live on Thursdays and Fridays for the rest of the season, making a player like Penisini or maybe Moses great for that 18th man slot, but any red dot will be effectively useless. In contrast, the best teams to target are the Canberra Raiders and Wests Tigers who don’t play a single game early in the week for the rest of the year as well as Newcastle who from Round 20 onwards will play 5 of their last 6 games on Sunday.

So now we’ve established the best teams to have a red dot from, who are the best loopers? Ideally you want a dual position wfb/ctr who is no chance of ever touching the field. Unfortunately, Fanhub has made it a little harder for us this year by not loading as many rookies into the game as previous years, but let’s take a look at our options.

Canberra Raiders: If there’s one thing we know in fantasy, you can’t trust Ricky Stuart. Sticky loves to randomly blood a youngster or pick an outside back on the bench making the Raiders the least appealing option. However, if you’re brave enough there are options like James Schiller (220k/WFB/CTR) or Albert Hopoate (240k/WFB).

Newcastle Knights: The best option here is probably Bailey Hodgson (220k/WFB) who has already been ruled out for the season due to injury and no chance of becoming a green dot. If you’re need of a centre for looping then Brayden Musgrove (240k/CTR) is your pick.

Wests Tigers: Two good options to pick from at the Tigers with Williams Kei (220k/CTR) who at one time was thought to be a potential cash cow this year, has found himself out of NSW Cup and playing Jersey Flegg for most of the season and a long shot to appear in first grade. The option I’ll likely opt for is Junior Pauga (226k/WFB/CTR) who looks the best of the dual position options. Pauga has made one appearance for the Tigers this year playing off the bench in Round 10. Since Kimmorley took over, Pauga hasn’t been named in the Tigers extended squad and appears safely nestled in reserve grade, needing quite a few injuries to strike to ruin red dot status.


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