With the change in scoring to tackle busts and kick metres, understanding the effects to incorporate into your draft strategy has never been more important. If you’re picking 1 or 2 then there is no strategy just take Cleary and Turbo and relax. After that is where the fun begins. The three elite hookers will need to be prioritised early due to the scarcity of elite options. Halves should be taken later than normal due to the points nerfing bringing them back to the pack and the same goes for a guy like Teddy who in years past was a top 3 pick. We’ve put together a 10 team 13 round mock draft to help you find some value in relation to their Average Draft Position (ADP). Teams have been drafted in a 1 x HOK, 3 x MID, 2 x EDG, 2x HLF, 2 x CTR & 3 x WFB format. For our full positional rankings click here.

R11. N. Cleary2. T. Trbojevic3. D. Fifita4. R. Papenhuyzen5. D. Cook6. P. Haas7. H. Grant8. D. Cherry-Evans9. I. Papali’i10. R. Mahoney
R220. J. Tedesco19. N. Hynes18. L. Mitchell17. J. Hughes16. C. Munster15. B. Smith14. T. Pangai13. C. McInnes12. C. Murray11. A. Crichton
R321. T. Frizell22. J. Jackson23. B. Hunt24. M. Burton25. M. Barnett26. T. Sexton27. B. To’o28. A. Koroisau29. L. Keary30. E. Aitken
R440. J. Trbojevic39. L. Leilua38. C. Welch37. C. Harawira-Naera36. J. Bird35. K. Ponga34. J. Curran33. J. Taumalolo32. C. Gutherson31. R. Matterson
R541. W. Egan42. H. Tabuai-Fidow43. H. Young44. J. Fisher-Harris45. L. Thompson46. M. Moses47. A. Reynolds48. T. Harris49. I. Yeo50. D. Brown
R660. A. Twal59. B. Nikora58. D. Saifiti57. J. Hodgson56. A. Fonua-Blake55. S. Utoikamanu54. J. Papali’i53. R. Garrick52. A. McCullough51. J. Fogarty
R761. K. Mann62. T. Starling63. R. Cotter64. H. Olakau’atu65. J. Ramien66. K. Staggs67. M. Fotuaika68. K. Koloamatangi69. C. Nicoll-Klokstad70. J. Tapine
R880. J. Riki79. D. Edwards78. Z. Lomax77. P. Vaughan76. S. Tupouniua75. L. Collins74. J. Wighton73. J. Manu72. C. Walker71. R. Walsh
R981. D. Gagai82. V. Radley83. S. Johnson84. L. Brooks85. D. Laurie86. J. Schuster87. J. Averillo88. P. Momirovski89. N. Brown90. M. Taupau
R10100. C. Graham99. M. Timoko98. J. Campbell97. D. Nofoaluma96. W. Graham95. V. Kikau94. M. Dufty93. J. Clifford92. H. Farnworth91. J. De Belin
R11101. J. Rapana102. J. Arrow103. T. Fa’asuamaleaui104. S. Crichton105. W. Kennedy106. C. Thompson107. B. Best108. AJ Brimson109. K. Capewell110. M. Harper
R12120. M. Lodge119. S. Walker118. G. Marzhew117. J. Saifiti116. J. Hastings115. D. Tupou114. J. Paulo113. P. Carrigan112. V. Holmes111. S. Katoa
R13121. I. Tago122. J. Olam123. B. Kelly124. T. Niu125. M. Ravalawa126. W. Penisini127. X. Coates128. K. Feldt129. R. Smith130. G. Jennings


HOKW. EganT. StarlingR. CotterJ. HodgsonD. CookB. SmithH. GrantA. KoroisauA. McCulloughR. Mahoney
MIDJ. TrbojevicJ. JacksonC. WelchJ. Fisher-HarrisL. ThompsonP. HaasJ. PauloC. McInnesC. MurrayJ. Tapine
MIDM. LodgeV. RadleyT. Fa’asuamaleauiP. VaughanT. HarrisS. UtoikamanuJ. Papali’iJ. TaumaloloI. YeoM. Taupau
MIDA. TwalJ. ArrowD. SaifitiJ. SaifitiM. BarnettL. CollinsM. FotuaikaP. CarriganN. BrownJ. De Belin
EDGET. FrizellB. NikoraD. FifitaC. Harawira-NaeraW. GrahamV. KikauT. PangaiT. HarrisI. Papali’iA. Crichton
EDGEJ. RikiL. LeiluaH. YoungH. Olakau’atuS. TupouniuaJ. SchusterJ. CurranK. KoloamatangiK. CapewellR. Matterson
HLFN. ClearyN. HynesB. HuntJ. HughesC. MunsterT. SextonA. ReynoldsD. Cherry-EvansL. KearyD. Brown
HLFK. MannS. WalkerS. JohnsonL. BrooksJ. HastingsM. MosesJ. WightonJ. CliffordC. WalkerJ. Fogarty
CTRI. TagoJ. OlamZ. LomaxM. BurtonJ. BirdK. StaggsJ. AverilloJ. ManuH. FarnworthE. Aitken
CTRC. GrahamM. TimokoB. KellyT. NiuJ. RamienW. PenisiniB. BestP. MomirovskiR. SmithM. Harper
WFBJ. TedescoT. TrbojevicL. MitchellR. PapenhuyzenD. LaurieD. TupouB. To’oR. GarrickC. GuthersonR. Walsh
WFBJ. RapanaD. EdwardsJ. CampbellD. NofoalumaW. KennedyK. PongaM. DuftyAJ BrimsonV. HolmesS. Katoa
WFBD. GagaiH. Tabuai-FidowG. MarzhewS. CrichtonM. RavalawaC. ThompsonX. CoatesK. FeldtC. Nicoll-KlokstadG. Jennings

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