You may be asking yourself, what does a cute Kangaroo have to do with Dynasty Fantasy Football…. and the answer my friends is absolutely nothing. I have whored my national icon out for some cheap clicks, but while you are here you may as well read the rest of the article and see if any of this makes sense.

Basically, what I am hoping to do is take a different look at Dynasty from the obvious and normal way of doing things, and go down under the surface to try and give you an edge over your friends and league mates (did you like what I did there?!). Do I promise success? Absolutely not. What I will promise is to get you thinking about things from a different angle, with the hopes that your mind will open and you will no longer need my advice.

So who is this particular Amateur? I am Mark, the founder and owner of the Amateurs. Let it be known that NFL football is not my first love, mostly because here in Australia we follow Rugby League/NRL (and don’t let anyone talk you into Rugby Union or Aussie Rules, they aren’t real sports). We have a large community in the NRL space, and if you want something to do in the offseason the timelines match up perfectly. Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/875575799896013

But anyway… back to business. I LOVE dynasty football, in fact my goal in 2022 is to only do Dynasty. Why? Well, because I am the most unlucky man on the planet when it comes to fantasy sports, gambling and anything remotely similar. I prefer Dynasty because I subscribe to the theory that eventually preparation and skill outweighs luck, and if I get 5% better with every move I make I can compensate for the bad luck.

So what to expect from my ramblings? A little bit of everything really. I don’t want you to get bored. I will discuss some dynasty theory, some trade in and out targets, some experiences in different leagues, value changes, rookie scouting and evaluations. I suppose I had better give you something useful in this article…

Following week 3, here is a list of guys I would be actively trying to acquire as I believe their price to obtain is less than what they are worth, along with a brief rundown of why I would be buying them and what I think you can spend to get them. I am not going to give you “obvious” names here, because every other man and his dog is doing that.


There is no two ways about it, Fields has put up two stinkers in a row now. For redraft he isn’t someone I want to start any time soon, but when you cross what could be the worst offensive line in football with Myles Garrett you are going to have a bad time as a rookie no matter how talented. The Fields manager may not be willing to trade right now, but the schedule is not getting much better between now and the bye so you can be patient here. There is no doubt in my mind that Fields is the real deal, it will likely take a coaching change to bring it out though.

I would be floating offers of an early to mid 2022 first (superflex) or mid second (1qb) and seeing if you get a bite. I would happily move Fields for a piece who has been performing above expectations like Teddy Bridgewater or Baker Mayfield (even if you need to add a small incentive piece to close the deal) and seeing if they really believe in the guy they likely drafted in the top 3 rookie picks. If you get declined, wait a few weeks and try again.


Ideally, what you are looking for here is a frustrated Jacobs manager. Jacobs finished as the RB21 in his rookie year, playing 13 games but only playing 60%+ of snaps in 3 games, and last year finished as the RB8 somehow despite having an “inconsistent” season. He played 60%+ of snaps in 9 games last year, and scored an average of 1 touchdown per game when he played 50%+ of snaps. Despite only getting 12 opportunities against the Raven he managed to score 2 touchdowns. You can’t teach that.

I have traded for Jacobs a few times this offseason, for Chase Edmonds + late 22 1st, and Darrell Henderson + late 22 2nd, both of which I consider great plays. This latest bout of injuries may be enough to tip the Jacobs manager over the edge, and I can see him being available for an early 22 1st, maybe with a Ty’son Williams/Zac Moss thrown in. Alternatively any guy in the Gaskin/Henderson/Edmonds tier along with a late 22 1st, early to mid 22 2nd might get the job done and be a huge win for you long term.


This one will likely be cheap as hell, unless of course you are trying to trade with me for Denzel. Unfortunately, Mims got sick during training camp and had no opportunity to impress the new coaching regime. He has been inactive for two weeks running, and is on the outer at the Jets. He may even be on your Dynasty waiver wire right now.

The facts are that Mims is a down field, contested catch, alpha receiver and an athletic freak, in an offense that is giving their QB almost 0 time to throw the ball. His coaching staff have had him as inactive on game day because he doesn’t play special teams, but he shouldn’t because he is a baller. He has 1 target this year and has 40 receiving yards, yet his coach says he isn’t a scheme fit. Why? Because your scheme is bad and Mims isn’t?!! My expectation is that Mims will be traded in the next 12 months, at which point he will explode. You can likely pick him up from his manager for 3rd round pick right now, if he isn’t just sitting on waivers. Stash him and wait for the trade.


I think that will do for now, but I do want to make a few closing remarks. First off, playing Dynasty Fantasy Football is like playing the housing or share market, when all the smart people are buying, other people are panic selling. When all the smart people are cashing in their capital gains, all the other people are buying at a premium. If a “buy low” is obvious, then they aren’t a buy low because every other idiot on the planet is trying to buy them too. If you want an edge, you need to go against the grain, form opinions and take risks.

Until next time friends, (and in the immortal words of Ryan) love ya guys!

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